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Sam Henderson, founder of Rotorweld has over 25 years of experience in various sectors of the aviation industry, from aircraft maintenance to engine overhaul, aircraft manufacture, and fabrication.
"I've now launched my own venture to design, manufacture & supply aviation maintenance, tooling primarily for helicopters."

I have worked in the Aviation industry in New Zealand since 1996, I also spent 8 years in the UK where I became EASA Part 66 Licensed. I've been involved in a number of Aircraft structural-related jobs, including repair and sheet metal work, Aircraft engine overhaul, Aircraft maintenance, and aircraft role equipment manufacture and installation.

TIG welding is something I've been doing since starting work and I'm continually honing my skills to provide top-level work on almost any material including 4130, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Magnesium, Inconel, Titanium, etc.

I've always had a passion for motor racing and performance engines too, not to mention I've worked in the industry for a couple of New Zealand's more successful motorsport companies. I really enjoy this work and welcome any inquiries be it Aviation or Motorsport based.

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